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Standards we MAINTAIN


Many prospective clients ask us what cameras we use, what lights we have, the editing suite we have and others. Some say they want a Hollywood production and should be on international standards. Yes I agree with them but is that the only criteria for selecting a production house?


You should check out our experience, our capabilities and what we have done. We’ve been here for quite sometime and we have made a lot of films specially serious business to business videos.


We don’t rent. We have our own film and video production gear including edit suites. This saves a lot of time and money for our customers/clients.


We don’t outsource and have a full fledged production team inhouse. Our film crew are fully trained and skilled graduates from film schools.


We love what we are doing and we are passionate about our work.


We are particular about the standards we maintain. We are our own worst critics. The productions have to meet our own excacting standards before they meet our client’s.

We work on the premise of being on time, on budget and to international quality standards. These are the things that matter most to us in ensuring client satisfaction.


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