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    Seven reasons why some corporate marketing videos fail

    Planning is the backbone of your whole video production. We have repeated this mantra over and over again (see previous articles) because pre-production planning is your road map to your final cut. However, there are other reasons why your video fails. 1. You don’t know what your message is. You may have fallen short of…

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    Timeline: A film maker’s journal-1972 (Part 1)

    George Jacob – executive producer, director, cinematographer and script writer – has a flash-back to his three years at film school and as a director of cinematography in the Indian film industry followed by productions for the Indian Space Research Organisation. It is an experience that has influenced and added value to his productions of…

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    Secret to Be The Next Great Public Speaker

    Are you worried about your next speech? Still trying to memorize all those lines? Worry no more! Even the most experienced public speakers including heads of nations have their moments of forgetfulness. Most don’t take any chances and avail the best solution – teleprompters. Both podium prompters and camera prompters are available in Dubai with…

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    New technologies vs outdated practices: Sail or sink

    Distributing entertainment and information has moved away from traditional avenues to modern internet based delivery systems that connect to computers, mobiles and other gadgets. A classic example of how traditional systems have been eclipsed by this unstoppable force is evident by Netflix’s destruction of Blockbuster. Faced by this stark reality traditional TV channels and documentary…

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    MovieMedia’s YouTube channel crosses a million views!

    Cause to celebrate indeed. But first we want to thank our viewers and clients for this important milestone. What does it signify? More than a million people globally have visited MovieMedia YouTube channel and watched the videos we have produced for our clients. This indicates that as a production house we go beyond just stringing…

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    Video Invitation

    Recently we at MovieMedia produced a video invitation message for a client aimed at creatively informing people about a particular event. The event was a high value seminar at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. The client needed a new compelling way to invite potential clients to the seminar. Our creative, design and production team…

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