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    Of amateurs and cameramen

    Lighting cameramen – artists in their own right Point and shoot… there are many out there who think that is all there is to camerawork. And who can blame them when digital technology has made cameras so user-friendly. When I started my career as a cinematographer it was the days of 35 mm and cameras…

  • Blog, Lights, Camera, Action!

    Missing the message for the medium

    Focus on the message Technology drives the medium. The video medium, ie, delivery systems which carry images – moving or stills – are evolving fast. But the message people want to communicate and the impact they hope it will have remains unchanged. People often forget this. Clients can sometimes be so enamoured by technology –…

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    Internet a potent communication tool

    Welcome to the MoviemediaTV Blog. Some of my business colleagues were intrigued. Why blog? They asked. And why not I countered? As a Dubai based video production house offering a script to screen service our business has been to help our clients communicate effectively and these days it means helping them crest the waves of…

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