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Presidents, CEOs, Television anchors, news readers and all those who need to look straight at a camera or an audience without the anxiety of forgetting or goofing up parts of a carefully prepared script have the technology of teleprompters today.

Sometimes called Autocue®, teleprompters take away the worry of trying to memorise chunks of information or keep referring to notes during the speech. This helps the speaker concentrates on the delivery and maintaining (the illusion of) eye contact. Eye contact is considered to be an important factor in connecting with your audience.

Professional on-camera teleprompters are designed to look at connect with the audience. Cue cards and tablets held to the side of the lens creates a disconnect as the look goes off away from the lens and hence away from the viewer.

Teleprompters are increasingly used in UAE for CEO messages, seasonal greetings, presentations at seminars, conferences, shareholder meetings, events and so on.

Moviemedia provides both the on-camera teleprompters and the podium type which uses two reflective panels , one on each side of the speaker or the podium The latter is also known presidential prompters or speech prompters.

By using a teleprompter, you can assure that those key messages are professionally delivered without the anxiety involved in having to memorise the presentation.

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