Imagine what a video can do to your site, the impact it would have on attracting potential clients to linger just that little extra time to watch, listen and absorb enough for them to pick up the phone and call. – the applications are varied.

Essentially its like having your own YouTube channel or an online video gallery on your website populated with videos on your company, services, products, messages from top management, annual messages.

With video being one of the fastest growing communication tools used in all areas of communication today, including the web, we feel it is a good time to introduce our company and our services to you, since we fully believe that we may be able to contribute to your marketing and communications programme.


VIDEO WEBCAST!! Can you afford not to?

One area that is of particular importance today is the internet and we design video web casts. Although many initially feel that web casting is something for the IT guys, no it is not!

Video web casting is communication in action at all times and communication that is accessible to anyone in the world with an internet connection. If there is sound and images there’s no choice but for our receptors to respond.

Our clients have used it:

  • As a video newsletter posted on the company websites and sent via email
  • For top management to speak to employees via the intranet
  • To inform with customers about new products and services
  • To feature as an in-house newsletter on video consisting news, views and events within the company

How can MOVIEMEDIA help?

If what is presented is not well produced, the viewers can also respond with the ultimate verdict, shutting it off! This is where we come in as professionals who know the art, craft and business of storytelling.

We provide:

  • Script writing and planning assistance
  • Camera crew to shoot on location
  • Green screen on location or in our studio
  • Teleprompter assistance
  • Producer/director support
  • Editing
  • Graphics as required
  • Delivery as mpeg or flash video flv
  • Assistance to host it on website
  • Video streaming hosting service

Contact us to find out more about web casting and how we can help you.

Recent Videos


    Abu Dhabi Ship Building

    Abu Dhabi Ship Building is a world class military vessels builder based in UAE and in fact the only military vessels builder in the Arab world. This much acclaimed production shows their facilities and their products in action. MovieMedia used helicopters, boats and other camera platforms to produce this dynamic video. Category: Corporate / Marketing

  • th Annual

    5th Annual GPCA Supply Chain Conference 2013 Dubai

    Curtain raisers are videos which open conferences consisting of a preview or recap of the past events, the organisers and the subject / theme of the conference thus setting the mood and tone for the event. It’s basically a who, what, where, when and why of the event and has proved to inspire and energise…

  • XTeer

    Hyundai X Teer Ultra Protection – Product Promo

    Product Video – Showcasing the new brand X Teer Ultra Protection Gasoline engine oil for its launch function by Al Muqarram Group UAE. Category: Product Video / Simple Production / Marketing

  • Aerials using drones

    Aerial video shots from a drone

    Moviemedia has been doing aerials for many years in the UAE – from helicopters, small aircrafts, to the recent introduction of drones. You can hire our crew to do aerial videography or we can facilitate your crew in organising the aerial shoots. This is a short presentation to showcase Moviemedia’s experience in shooting aerials. Category:…


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