MOVIEMEDIA has produced different kinds of training videos for varied sectors. We have worked with trainers, training consultants, human resource departments, health and safety officials of companies employing a large workforce.

Many companies can use video to build an in-house training session to ensure that new hires and “green hands” all receive the same basic safety training. We have the experience in doing such videos from several UAE companies. The intent is to promote a consistent level of safety competence, awareness and training.

The video will improve the industry’s safety performance by reducing ‘orientation fatigue’ while focusing ongoing energy on more critical site and job specific issues. This is also to save time and money by eliminating repetitive delivery of common orientation components. The videos have often been produced in different language versions to cater to the multinational workforce of companies in the region.

We have provided our service to media and management trainers to supplement and support training sessions and workshops with instant video feedback for enhanced coaching and optimum performance.

Contact us to find out more about how we could help you enhance and support your effective training programmes.

Recent Videos

  • Airships Arabia Gogetfunding Campaign Video

    Movie Media, recently produced a new campaign video, for Airships Arabia in their efforts to take their GoGetFunding campaign ( to the next level. We hope you enjoy it. Please share it (and our Go Get Funding campaign) with all your friends, colleagues and connections . . .    

  • Dubai Hotels – Rose Park Al Barsha

    A quick hotel intro video produced for Rose Park Hotel – Al Barsha by MovieMedia. The video combined with dynamic shots give the viewers a look and feel of the property and its amenities. Rose Park Hotel – Al Barsha is the best new address in Al Barsha, across the street from the Sharaf DG…

  • Hotpack Corp MM Website

    Food Packaging Industry UAE – Hotpack, Corporate Video

    This is a corporate marketing video on Hotpack Packaging Industries in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which manufactures disposable food packaging products. Seeing is believing and the video is a powerful medium especially for manufacturers to showcase their state of the art factories where the products are made with due diligence to quality control and safety….

  • Aerials using drones

    Aerial video shots from a drone

    Moviemedia has been doing aerials for many years in the UAE – from helicopters, small aircrafts, to the recent introduction of drones. You can hire our crew to do aerial videography or we can facilitate your crew in organising the aerial shoots. This is a short presentation to showcase Moviemedia’s experience in shooting aerials. Category:…