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5 Things to Battle Summer Business Meltdown


I have experienced summer heat for the last three years now and you know I still wonder how we all survive. With the intense heat one newspaper documented that they can cook an egg under the heat of the sun. hmmnnn… Don’t want to be like that right?

Summer in UAE means lean months, low business opportunity and almost everybody is going out of town for a vacation. Imagine summer in UAE + Global Crisis = No Business!

Why do we need to be negative? Why do we need to stop and put our plans on hold? Why do we need to feel that it’s the end of the world? Its not, so wake up!

Here are (for me) 5 things to battle summer business meltdown:

1. Hey are you still there? Well honestly, you need to tell your target group that you are still alive and kicking. That you are ready to serve and provide good service when they need it. Send a video link stating that you are still in business and will always be available. Tell them personally and assure them of your support. As they say – to see is to believe.

2. Anything new? If you have new products and if you have new services that you want them to know this is the best time to tell them about it. Make a new product video and send them video links so they can see your new stuff and new services.

3. Training makes a difference. Investing in your staff is the best thing to do while everything is quiet. Make some training videos which they can watch over and over again. Make your people confident and make sure that they have the tools to face business challenges.

4. Make some investments: This is the time to prepare your marketing campaign. Make a marketing video that shows your company and your products. Show them how they can get value from your products, how cost effective they are, how it will benefit them. Build credibility and trust and assure them you are always ready to extend a helping hand.

5. Keep in touch. This is important. Keeping in touch with your old clients and making sure that they are alright, and keeping in touch even with your prospective clients. There is nothing wrong in calling them every now and then, but don’t over do it or else they’ll just say “I’ll call you if we need you”.

Come on guys don’t just sit there and wait for the financial crisis to crush you. Give us a call (04 2683873) for producing that very vital marketing video enabling you to reach out to your client base confidently and effectively.


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August 2020