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5 Things to Prepare for a Sales Presentation


We usually go out for a meeting or clients visit us here in the studios.

In all these we prepare what we call a marketing kit and bag.

Here are my tips on how to prepare for a sales presentation:

Believe and study:

Study all the products that you have, understand each benefit and its importance.

Believe in yourself that you can do this and you can answer all questions.

Believe in your product.

Prepare something new and engaging:

Tired of talking from start to finish and at the end of the meeting they just ask you again what you offer?

Try making something new that will engage your prospective client to listen and understand what and who you are.

Make a corporate video if you would like them to know about your company, make product videos to show them different products and show them the benefits, make a marketing video to tell them what you can provide and how good your services are.

You have a lot of choices it you are open to new things specially the power of video.

Triple Check:

I used to check all the things the day before the meeting but I check again before leaving the office. Why? Because it helps!

What if after you check somebody just borrowed something from the things you have prepared, what if something just fell off.

Triple check your things and make sure its all in the bag.

Who and Where:

Make some research about the company that you are going to meet.

Their goals, achievements and history.

Call and ask for location map or a route map.

Make sure you have the right one.

Be sure:

Before leaving for a meeting, (based on my experiences) call the person whom you are going to meet and confirm the meeting.

Inform him that you are now leaving office and will be there by such time of the day.

Once you arrive inform the secretary that you are there for a meeting if you are early inform the secretary that you are a little early and willing to wait.

Make sure you bring everything you need before leaving office or else you may just find yourself out on a limb.


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August 2020