Committed to deliver through a hot and busy summer


I’ve been with Movie Media for eight months now and I am learning everyday.

Months ago before the cool days began warming up – and summer means lean business months – I almost believed that July-August would be not so good for our business because every time I called a potential client I heard the same refrain ‘we will be on vacation or annual leave’.

But you know what, since the last two months our crew, MD and Producer have been working till they drop.

It’s been a very busy summer indeed, contrary to my expectations. Since we are committed to deliver everything is in place, we have our goals and targets… and so far so good.

This is why, I say to our prospective clients, when they ask me if we can do it at such short notice, ‘We can and for Movie Media nothing is impossible. Let’s get on with it.’


PS: This month we are starting a new film for our first client.

Hey, isn’t that great – our client 14 years ago and still our client today.

Well that’s the way we deliver… it shows.

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