First meeting with a client and I have spilled tea on my shirt!

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What do you do when that happens?  Buy a fine new shirt en route to the meeting and try to get to the meeting on time.  First impressions matter!  Your brand and reputation depends on it.

A poorly produced video is like going to a meeting with a tea soiled shirt! Clothes can be replaced but not the impression an amateurish video will leave on the viewers.

Video is one of the most effective marketing tools for companies big or small. A well produced video will bring in business while a poorly made one will create a negative impression. In fact it will work against you.

But how do you ensure you get value for money and know that the production company you choose is competent to entrust the image of your company to bring in business?

First checkout their trade license. That will reveal whether they are a bonafide company registered to provide the services they claim they can provide. Then of course their online presence, their portfolio, their client list, their ability to understand and communicate and their years in the business.

We, MOVIEMEDIA, are qualified and experienced professionals. Twenty-two years in the business in UAE, our producers will take on the responsibility and partner with you in ensuring that the objectives are met. We collaborate. After all the production is our baby too.

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October 2020