New technologies vs outdated practices: Sail or sink

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Distributing entertainment and information has moved away from traditional avenues to modern internet based delivery systems that connect to computers, mobiles and other gadgets.

A classic example of how traditional systems have been eclipsed by this unstoppable force is evident by Netflix’s destruction of Blockbuster. Faced by this stark reality traditional TV channels and documentary film makers are migrating to the online world of videos. They know that they either embrace what is working in today’s world  or perish clinging on to outdated practices.

Brands too have started noticing these changes and many have already stepped in to claim their place on the digital domain.

At Moviemedia we have always kept up with the latest technology and trends – pioneering services in our area of operations to help our clients to stay ahead of their competition.

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If brands had to start their own video channel and reach millions of people it would have cost them millions of dollars.  Thanks to technology today this can be achieved with the regular marketing budgets that companies have to promote themselves.

Although technology is affordable there is a caveat. Good story telling is not just using technology but more importantly about content honed with talent. It is imperative that the content is produced in a professional fashion so that it does not harm the reputation of the brand but rather enhances and compliments it. After all the standard of your videos reflect who you really are.

Moviemedia helps you in launching your own video channel for your brand for a very minimal investment which is now being increasingly adopted by most of the major players in the corporate and industrial world.

If you always wanted to take your brand to the next stage and explore and exploit the full potential that can be achieved using effective online video channels drop us a comment below, give us a call, or email us.

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