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21 applications for Business Videos – part 1


MOVIEMEDIA is a full service film, video, and multi-media production house specializing in the production of business and marketing videos. Over the years, we have produced different videos for many clients from different sectors. From the extensive experience and knowledge gained over the years, we will list for you various business video applications and briefly explain what that application means. I’ll also give a few examples to further help you understand what we are talking about.

1.    Corporate marketing videos
These are videos specially made for businesses to enhance their corporate marketing and business development efforts. The videos supplement the print brochure and can be left behind with the client as part of the marketing kit. Video is the superior tool where you are able to actually invite potential buyers literally into your company and validate your claims.  Seeing is believing and today, people are looking to work with and buy from companies they can believe in. Corporate marketing videos go beyond just providing information. They influence and always have a call to action hence the chances of converting the potential clients into a sale using this kind of videos will be higher.
Example: ICELAND Biggest water theme park in UAE

2.    Prestige videos 
These are videos meant to showcase a company’s or individual’s capability, reliability and effectiveness. They create awareness. The main purpose of the video is to have a compelling tool that tells the viewer what the company is all about, some loosely call it a company profile but I would rather not call it that because video goes beyond painting a profile or a report.  It’s more than just stringing pictures together and adding music. Corporate prestige videos are meticulously crafted by professionals to give a powerful positive image. It is a great branding tool.
Example: Chris Kinsville-Heyne – C3i Strategic Solutions

3.    Training videos
Training videos are meant for employee learning and development within an organization. They are educational videos that improve employee’s productiveness and can be used to supplement and support in-house training programs. Examples of such videos include customer care videos, sales training videos and agents training in an insurance company etc.
Example: Deira City Center customer service training video

4.    Website landing page videos    
These are short video clips meant for website home pages to hook the website visitors to stay and not surf away.  It is designed to rouse curiosity and lead them to other pages of the website for detailed information.
Example: James Berry and Associates

5.    Video Web Channel
These are videos meant to deliver specific content to a person’s desktop. Companies use such channels to keep their employees informed of everything from health benefit updates, to e-mail procedures, or just news and gossip from individual department teams. Customers are kept up-to-date on new services or products. This is especially becoming powerful with the use of video web portals such as YouTube. Many companies are also creating their own branded web-channels to host their own videos.
Example: – First online video guide in the UAE

Watch out for my next blog in which I will dwell on quality, health and safety videos (QHSE videos), product videos, exhibition videos, conference broadcast services – digital signage,
chairman/CEO messages

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