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21 applications for Business Videos – part 2


As a continuation of the Blog I started to write on 21 video applications, I will continue to review more of them. Just a recap of Part 1, we touched on five different applications of the business video which are:

1. corporate marketing videos, Dubai
2. Prestige videos
3. Training videos
4. website landing page videos
5. web channel video production in Dubai

Today I will write about five more applications:

Quality, health and safety videos (QHSE videos)

Each company has quality, health and safety measures that are mainly enforced by the quality, health and safety departments. The videos are meant to supplement the departments or company’s efforts to enlighten and teach their employees and stakeholders of the existing measures. Short QHSE videos can also come in handy on a company’s website on the “Tips” section which makes the site dynamic and more compelling.
Example: Adyard – Health and Safety Induction videos
Product videos
Manufacturers mainly create these videos to showcase their products. People buying the products are able to know more about the product they are buying, how it functions, what it is composed of etc.
Example: MerlinDigital – Digital Magic
Exhibition videos
These are videos meant for trade shows and exhibitions. Since an exhibition is normally a busy place, the videos are produced with large text supers to enable visitors to read even if they cannot hear above the ambient noice and steer them into the stand. Exhibition videos have been a great tool to increase visitors and make them linger a little longer in the company’s exhibition stand.
Example: Panache International
Conference broadcast services – digital signage
These are on-site video production for immediate playback onto LCD screens at the venue. Essentially it is like having a mini-tv station with the production and post-production teams working in tandem producing interviews of VIP’s, CIP’s and others. This link will give you a preview of what it is: messages
These are messages specially meant for internal use where the company’s head is addressing employees say in a New Year or anniversary message video or addressing various key stake holders in for an organization’s special event.
Example: New Year Wishes – Movie Media Dubai (Video Greeting)

Coming up in my next blog is Part 3 dealing with pitching videos, recruitment videos, instructional (‘how to’) videos, the making of (behind the scenes) videos, documentaries, project progress videos, curtain raisers, panel discussions video, live streaming, fundraisers and vox pops.


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