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A must upgrade for your website – Video


Since I started working with Moviemedia, a leading video production company in the UAE, I have come to know and appreciate the power of videos, not just any video but professionally produced videos.

Online video is a force that has exploded over the past several years.

When companies started developing websites, text, graphics and a few still pictures were enough to present a company’s profile. As more and more websites and content were uploaded online, animations and flash replaced still images. That was cool and engaging but with the popularity of web portals like YouTube, online content took a different direction.

Flash animated images were no longer cool enough, Video took over. Today, more and more people get news, information and entertainment from engaging streaming videos through web portals or directly from a specific website. So what effect does this have on companies?

They are able to engage their audience through emotions and feelings quickly and effectively, while holding their viewers’ interest. It gives them a competitive edge, improves search engine rankings and improves the overall website experience.

Research has shown that 72% of prospects are likely to purchase a product/service when video is used and there is 51% greater understanding of a subject through website video.

My advice to companies that have a website but lack this power tool – video – Moviemedia can help transform it into a dynamic and engaging one that will work for you. Sure, we only produce videos that work!


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