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DollyCrane shots, The VALUE we provide


Film making and video production is an art, it’s not just documenting sequences or stringing shots together with an audio track. Good productions go much beyond that. One key aspect that determines a superior professional video is the equipment used to shoot.

We at MovieMedia have, among other things, invested in a specialised equipment called a DollyCrane.  A DollyCrane is an innovative grip system which combines the function of the camera crane, camera slider and mini jib. It enables our camera man to get quality vertical, horizontal and diagonal movements while shooting.

What do movements do to the shots?

They create dynamism whereby we move the viewer emotionally as well as physically into the scene. These movements infuse energy into the visuals and generate a sense of being in tune with the story. This in turn evokes the desired responses.

We pride in providing value to our clients for their money through our investments on men and machines. We ensure that what we produce works effectively for you.


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