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All in one, anything else?


I was watching a TV commercial yesterday and it said “6 facilities, 6 choices in one great place”. I just thought if we will be making a TV commercial for ourselves here at Moviemedia, the same tag line would apply.

Why? Because Movie media is a complete script-to-screen video production house based here in Dubai. It’s a one-stop-shop. We have the facilities, the equipments, the people, the experience and the best that we have is the passion. You should see our guys working under the heat of the sun and laughing, you should see our guys staying overnight just to finish editing, you should see them on site enjoying what they do. This is their passion, this is their entire objective, to finish and deliver on time.

Somebody asked me if we deliver on time, I usually say that we do and even if there are any obstacles we will ensure that deadlines are met no matter what. There will always be a solution and usually sometimes it’s a blessing in disguise.


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