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We just completed a 3 day stint in Abu Dhabi for an international client who are shooting from Australia to Russia, UK, Europe, the Americas and the UAE producing a series of videos for their internal and external communication purposes. The company is a global provider of professional technical and management support services to a broad range of markets, including transportation, facilities, environmental, energy, water and government. (Till a film is completed and exploited by the clients we never divulge names.)

Moviemedia not only provides comprehensive script-to-screen services but also provide crewing and location services to out-of-towners. This month has been a particularly busy one with this being the 3rd job for our international clients.

The same works for us too. We are producing a corporate marketing video for an Australian client with operations in the UAE and the footage we want from Australia is being done by another team. Thanks to modern communication methods using the internet, production work has become so much easier… and cheaper.

Having started my career when the word video was unheard of (that gives my vintage away, doesn’t it?) when just the motor alone of a studio film camera used to weigh 15 kilos I marvel at the superb hi-definition cameras (video of course)  that comes in packages less than 3 kilos today! The Abu Dhabi shoot called for moving from location to location and this called for gear that can be easily transported around. It also helps in keeping the teams smaller and hence lower production costs.

The shoot was done on SONY XDCAM EX3 hi-definition cameras and we used a teleprompter (Autocue) to make life easier for the 16 odd employees we interviewed over the three days.

‘It’s a wrap’ doesn’t mean that work is over for the day. Yes, we can pack up and leave the location for an eagerly awaited shower and change. The day’s work is not over until the gear is cleaned and readied for the next day. This is extremely important as the dust, humidity and corrosive atmosphere can wreak havoc on camera equipment. Since we shoot on full tapeless mode the media is transferred, backed up and all batteries put on charge. We also take a quick sneak peek at the shots to ensure that all’s well and reports   completed. Only then is it a real wrap for us. One could say that this is the only part of our work that is routine for every shooting day brings a new experience.


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