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Why do some videos fail?


Why do some videos fail?

Although video has emerged as the most cost-effective marketing and sales tool for both online and traditional communication avenues why do many of them fail and fizzle away?

Cost-effective they are. But there are videos and videos. Agreeably, no other medium combines so many arts and crafts together to stimulate the senses and impart information with impact. But what makes the difference between an effective video and one that doesn’t work? Feelings.

That’s right, feelings. As in all matters that rely on creating impressions to evoke desired responses it is this evasive factor – feelings – that makes or breaks a video. Feelings is what we as professionals bring to a production. Just stringing shots together with an audio track will not work.

Does one size fit all?
We don’t think so. You will want to show your video to sit down audiences at seminars, conferences and meetings. Then there are exhibitions, trade shows and laptop presentations. You also will need it for worldwide attention on your website. Each showing is a validation of your company yet each medium has it’s own idiosyncrasies and qualities. The one- size-fits-all design becomes questionable. We at MovieMedia know this and will edit it accordingly. In other words do one shoot and have your story tailored/edited with the different media in mind. That’s when videos succeed.


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