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Dubai’s Arabian Park Hotel: The employees are truly all its stars!


A hotel in Dubai…

Beautiful people, a beautiful place to stay…

Dubai has 7-star, 5-star, and 3-star hotels but recently we made a film for the ALL STAR Arabian Park Hotel.

‘All star?’ you may wonder at that.

To celebrate its amazing growth and to say ‘thank you’ to its employees in making that happen the hotel hosted an All Star event.

The management had a surprise in store for the staff – the screening of a very special video.

What was that mystery video?

A week before the event the GM of Arabian Park Hotel called us for a rush project.

He wanted to know if we could do a video – a behind the scenes look at what contributed to make the hotel a happy place to visit and stay in – its customer friendly and service oriented employees.

It was very short notice indeed. Taking it up as a challenge everybody in MovieMedia got involved in this project… it was hectic, it was fun, and the hotel employees proved to be great subjects.

In the race to complete the shoot, edit, script, commentary and voice recording our team managed to sprint across the finish line two days before deadline.

Wow… the film was inspiring reflecting as it did the dedication of the hotel staff and their commitment to delivering a wonderful service with a smile!

Spontaneous testimonials from the guests proved that.

Now I believe that staying in a hotel is not all about its star ratings but about how good the service is.

Getting an all star service from Arabian Park Hotel means getting more than your money’s worth.



We went to their All Star 2008 event and saw what we needed to see… Smiles!

Congratulations to all employees, staff and management of Arabian Park Hotel. Keep up the good work!

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September 2020