Marketing Movie Media


When I told the company’s Vice President that I’ll be moving to Dubai to work,

he told me to be tough because it was a different battle field out there.

I do believe that VP because it’s really different here.

Dubai, should I say, has all kinds of marketing people speaking different languages, having different styles, different strategies. Sometimes it is a rough-and-tumble sort of world.

I don’t want to be a failure. I have been trained to have a killer instinct…but I was also trained to wait and to choose the right company.

Movie Media gave me that chance.

I see how professional and passionate Movie Media is.

That’s why you can’t blame Movie Media for having big clients…because their films speak for themselves.

My task in Movie Media is quite exciting because I have a product that can speak of who we are and the standards we maintain… It’s not just marketing mumbo jumbo as our BNI presentation says.

So, if you all asked me if it’s tough working here… I should say YES, but with what we have and what we believe in nothing can stop us!!!

Because we believe and we deliver!!!


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