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Five signs you need a corporate video


Sometime back I called some of our prospective clients.

To my questions whether they have requirements for a corporate video the answers ranged from “hmm let me think” or “Uhmn I don’t know” or “We don’t need it”.

Corporate videos can be a critically important for companies who are big and new. It is also an important sales tool which is one of the most cost-effective and innovative ways to promote your company.

Here are my top 5 signs that indicate you need a corporate video:

Who are you? How do you present your company to your clients?

Do you have a story telling strategy to tell your story for 15 minutes?

Just think about this, you have two minutes of your client’s time to tell him who you are and what you do and playing your corporate video is a great way to introduce your company. Moving pictures and music can make your prospective client watch, listen and understand who you are and make a difference. I’m pretty sure they will ask question afterwards.

Want to tell people that you are not a hole-in-the-wall operation?

You have a sophisticated and state of the art facility with highly competitive, talented and professional staff but how will you tell that to your client? But will your client believe you if you just say it or write it?

I don’t think so, as they say ‘to see is to believe”. So why not show them your facilities, staff and your location through your corporate video? This is important to you so you can establish that you have the abilities to provide good quality service.

Do you have an extensive product range or products you cannot take with you?

Well, you can do so virtually through a video. If you cannot transport it physically do so via the video. Seeing is believing even if it is a virtual image.

You have plans of joining exhibitions, trade shows or an event.

Do you know that you only have 5 seconds to attract passing visitors to your exhibition stand? Setting up TV screens in your stand showing your corporate, marketing or product video is an easy way to get people to stop and watch. Your goal is to grab their attention to learn more about you.


Do you have customers who are so happy with your services and products that they are willing to vouch for it?

There is nothing more convincing than having your satisfied customers talk about your products and services. This is one extremely effective way to promote your business and to tell your target group that you’re the real deal.

I am convinced that videos are the best and cost effective way of marketing your company, products and services. Don’t wait, start now!


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