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Online videos are sometimes a waste…


Probably you all know where to find videos. There is a proliferation of websites like Youtube, metacafe, dailymotion etc. who are hosting videos of all types… Be it in drama, comedy, action or even scandals are now being played there.

But how is the quality of the videos? Mostly bad!

I don’t have anything against people who are uploading their videos, hey that’s great if you want to share something with the world but I am referring to companies who want to share their goals and ambitions, who want to promote their products or services, who want to increase their product recall and branding…

If you are a company and would like to be “IN” with the world by having a video online please ensure that it is properly done, properly produced and made by a professional or else it will just go to waste or worse close down your business.

Many people think they can just point and shoot, write something (usually copy the text from their brochures) and edit it in house using their laptops.  Well if you are making a horror film you can but this is different.

Gaining your clients’ trust is key to your success.  The quality of your corporate video or marketing film will convey a subliminal message that your products and services are of the same standards. You don’t need to get a Hollywood producer to do your video but always think of getting it done by professionals – people who have the experience and the passion for it.


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