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Global Village: McLuhan’s prophecy


Servicing and sourcing internationally

Last year ended on a hectic note and the New Year started on an even more rapid tempo.

No time to pause and ponder, but some reflections are a must.

When you are passionate about your work all projects are interesting, but last year we did some innovative ones thanks to web-savvy clients.

Hertz was our first client to launch a video web cast which has been exceptionally popular and effective. The second episode is due for release anytime now.

During Dubai’s premier motor show a client, a US car manufacturer, had a daily coverage of their participation and related events web-posted on their video blogs and intra-TV. We moved men and machines to help them achieve this.

We repeated the efforts for another international client at the Gulf’s leading chemical conference in Dubai. Interviews of global business celebrities who participated in the event were telecast at the conference venue the same day and also across to global audiences via the internet.

The last two months of the year had clients rushing in with ‘we needed this yesterday’ requests. We did some time traveling to achieve those! Don’t ask us how.

As Dubai goes global we find ourselves increasingly serving clients who are based in other parts of the world, besides catering to our loyal regional clients.

We find ourselves sourcing talent globally for local requirements. We do this with ease, thanks to progressive communications technology.

Decades ago Marshall McLuhan, the renowned Canadian communications theorist, coined the term ‘Global Village’ envisioning the world interconnected via electronic communications. What a visionary he was!

– george –

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August 2020