The truth of the matter is…


Who’s lying? Who’s telling the truth? Who do you believe?
You might be asking these questions whenever a marketeer or a salesman is talking to you.
Sometimes, or should I say most often, a marketeer or a salesman exaggerates their product capabilities. They usually say it’s great and only we can provide you the best.

At Moviemedia we believe that the proof of the pudding is in its eating. In our case we let our films speak for us. The best testimonials come from our repeat clients. Abu Dhabi Ship Building, Emirates Flight Catering, Jumeirah International, RAK Ceramics are some of our valued clients. Underpinning our work is our service ethic of ensuring that what we provide will be of maximum benefit to the client.

So, the next time somebody approaches you to promote or sell a product or service … ask them these questions: Will my company benefit from it? Can you show us samples of your work/products? Who are your clients?

Remember it’s not about the price… it’s about how good and effective the product or service is and do you really need it. Therein lies the value of the service offered.

– ody –

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