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Patients today are demanding to be more informed about the hospital or clinic they want to visit. They want to know who are the doctors there? What kind of facilities does the hospital/clinic have? What is the experience of other patients who have visited before? What will be their personal experience? … and much more. Video is the perfect medium to help communicate and answer those questions…

Consider this scenario;

John and Mary have been living here in Dubai for more than a year with their eight-year-old daughter, Jenny. One day Jenny needed to see a doctor. John and Mary would pay anything for their daughter’s health.

They need a doctor they can trust, a hospital that is clean and fully equipped where people accommodate and are willing to help and even go the extra mile for them.

If you were John or Mary would you place your trust by just reading the hospital’s background or would you prefer to see and listen to what the doctor(s), staff and patients at the clinic have to say?

An example of what John and Mary can watch and learn about your hospital/clinic:

Unicare Medical Center, Dubai, UAE  corporate video

How do you as a hospital stand out from the crowd and reach out to potential patients in Dubai?

Videos on your website is an effective way to build credibility as the first step.

Videos playing at the screens in your hospital / clinic will be an effective marketing and communication tool as patients wait to be served.

Our vast experienced staff will give you the know-how to tell compelling and informative stories that will help put your patients at ease in your health centers or like John and Mary help make an informative decision as they watch your story on the web.


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