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Video pre-production planning


Moviemedia is a video production company in Dubai which has been producing corporate videos for the past 19 years. Below I will highlight some of the things to consider as you plan for your next video production based on Moviemedia’s past experiences.

It is very true that video shoots, even small ones, are logistically challenging. There are many things, especially the ‘small ones’, if not taken care of can jeopardize the whole project. It is extremely important to do a thorough pre-production planning to help minimize the risks associated with your project. Some things to consider before the camera team arrives are:

Location scouting – Where are you going to shoot and what challenges do you have there? Are there lighting, audio or other logistical problems that you will have to solve? A pre-production location visit and discussion with on-site maintenance or security is often necessary. Will it be out-door or in-door? Depending on which sector your company is in; there are various health and safety measures to be considered and the crew well informed in advance.

Permits – While shooting in Dubai, various places require permits from the Dubai Film commission and it is necessary to apply early in advance. It is also good to know if you require permits for sign-off /waivers for people in the video, parking access for the crew and equipment, etc.

Crew – Who is on your production crew? Camera, audio, lights, director, production assistants, grip for special equipment, teleprompter operator, make-up artist? When is shooting scheduled to start and how much time is required for everyone to set-up? Who is in-charge of what? This is especially important to note when there is a big production going on and different people have been called upon to accomplish specific tasks.

Equipment – What type and how many cameras do you need? What do you have as back up if something goes wrong? Do you have all of the right lights, lenses, audio equipment, jibs, sliders, reflectors, tools, power etc. necessary? Do you need special equipment or props or products for the shoot? This should be well determined in collaboration with the executive producer during the requirements specification phase.

Talent, presenters, actors, and actresses – Who is on-camera? Are they prepared to be on-camera? Have they rehearsed their lines or will they be using a Teleprompter. When should they arrive? What should they be wearing? Do they require hair and makeup? It is important to give them a brief early in advance so that they are psychologically prepared.

Weather – Are you shooting outdoors? What happens if it there is fog/dust-storms? Do you have an alternate shoot date?

Schedule– – Does your storyboard include a shortlist and schedule that let’s everyone know when to arrive and how long each scene or shot is going to take?

Food and drinks – Who is in-charge of the catering? It is important to factor in adequate food and drinks for the participants on location. For outdoor shoots in the desert or the sea where there is no cafeteria near-by, it is good if the crew carried enough snack and drinks to keep them refreshed and energized.

If you consider all of the above steps and take the time to properly plan you will have a much higher likelihood of success on your next video production. Contact us today for all your pre-production requirements. We will work with you from script to screen (pre-production, production and post-production) to give you a production that works for you.


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August 2020