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Looking back and after the sea adventure…


I already told you guys about our offshore shoot adventure… well after all the things happened there and after our editor Ramji edited the footage I can now say that I’m proud to be in that shoot…

Honestly while on that shoot I swear that I thought I will not survive that. Throwing up 3-4 times with no food (well actually food is available but I don’t want to throw up again right) only water, the heat of the sun etc I really thought that it’s my end… But fortunately it was not!

When I watched the video WOW and I said WOW again. It’s so good in which you will never know that we were shooting in rough seas. The footage is so clean and stable… (no one will ever believe me saying that the waves were tossing us up and down.)

Our client was very happy too with the end product. I was walking with my head up high and telling myself that I was part of that film.

Well, thank you MovieMedia for that chance… I do realise that anything is possible… getting good shots even when the sea is not cooperating… getting the shots even you want to throw up, finishing the project on time. Hey if you look back on some things that happened, check… think and learn from those experiences… What have I learned? I think I need to take some medicines before going out to the sea again. =)


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