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Make sure they know your products …


Last Thursday, we had a visitor who came to our house to present something. At first I did not get any brief about what they are selling but I know that they are selling some stuff. They came and opened their laptop, opened a power point. I listened carefully and tried understanding their view point and the important things that I need to know. To cut the long story short, they presented it well and with flying colours but I told them that there is a better way of doing it… Video! Everyone knows the impact of videos. If they had used a professionally produced product video it would have been easier for them to concentrate on the main points and explain more about their products. We have a vast range of products and services where we help SME’s to convey their message to their audience effectively. From a simple product video to a GM’s speech to a simple marketing video we can do it for you with simple budgets on simpleproductions. By the way we have some samples for you, just email us and we will send a link.


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