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Making your choice… your decision


When I was still working back home, I was invited to judge a beauty pageant. While watching these beautiful ladies walk down the stage and present themselves I thought that I’m in big trouble since they are almost all qualified and really beautiful. WOW, I just told myself to scrutinize every step they make so I can catch their mistakes to make it easy for me to put some deductions.

You see there is something wrong with the way I was thinking before than what I think today. Why do I need to look for their mistakes? Do I want them to fail? Is that the right kind of judging? Mistakes or failures do not mean there is no beauty behind it.

Why can’t we just look who will be the best… the brightest and have that unique trait and passion. I guess this happens not only in beauty pageants but for almost all transactions, proposals, tendering etc that we need to check.

Today I realized that since we usually submit proposals and make presentations specially if clients we approach have people in mind to do the project for them. They ask questions that I think they already know the answer. Some will just find a way for you to fail and stumble. Why can’t they just ask the benefits that we can give them, the quality service that we can provide and our passion to do and finish the job?

We learn everyday and that beauty pageant made me realize that its not about looking for a fault or failure but you need to look for what’s in it for you, what’s good and what’s the best for you and the company. Well if you ask me everyone is beautiful we just need to ask what they can do for us.


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October 2020