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3 Days at sea… To work or not to work… To die or not to die… Part 2


Day 3:

Final day… I had a good breakfast and was excited about returning to shore, but I was still worried about the sea situation.

Looking out at the sea it appeared and felt calm.  When we started sailing off I was ok and felt relaxed. The sea was really calm and now I’m enjoying the trip.  For the first time I started talking and smiling again. I had flashbacks about how I struggled the previous day, how I prayed, how I felt sick and felt that’s my last day. But I also thought about how our crew reacted when they needed to finish their job whatever the weather, come rain or sunshine. No matter what the situation is and no matter where they are they are ready for action and ready to move and shoot.

I believe if you have the passion, the commitment and love what you do everything is possible… everything is easy. Believe me or not I survived and should I say it was a good experience and quite an adventure for me.  The Billy Pugh experience, the hanging bridge, jumping from one boat to another, the trip to the restroom (well as for me yes) and everything that happened those days are just unforgettable.

My advise to all is if you are looking for a video production company make sure they have the experience, the passion, love what they are doing and the commitment to finish the project without a hitch. At the end of the day you need a good film for your company right?


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