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Missing the message for the medium


Focus on the message

Technology drives the medium. The video medium, ie, delivery systems which carry images – moving or stills – are evolving fast.

But the message people want to communicate and the impact they hope it will have remains unchanged.

People often forget this.

Clients can sometimes be so enamoured by technology – the gadget and gizmos – that they forget the message and what they really want to achieve.

This is why I sometimes tell clients that form and content are equally important to create an impact and leave lasting impressions.

We sometimes have people calling us and wanting to know what kind of machines we have – cameras, edit suites etc – inherent implication being that if you have hi-tech stuff then you must be good. It is important. They are the tools, but still what matters are the men who wield the tools. A bit like wielding a paintbrush over canvas…

Good story telling is an art that calls for talent and skills. Like writing is. Knowing all the words in a language and having the best writing tools does not make you a Shakespeare.


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