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On the world’s biggest LNG carrier


It’s really a significant feeling when you work on a big ship but in this case what was even better is that we were working not just on a big ship but the world’s biggest LNG carrier.

Yes you are reading it right…the world’s biggest!
The ship was huge, when we were walking up the stairs to the deck and we had to stop twice to rest before we reached the deck. It was approximately 130 feet high equalling a five storey building and that is just the part of the ship which is visible above the surface, the rest is underwater.

The Moviemedia film crew was there two days to cover a very special operation and it was such an amazing experience.

When I entered the wheelhouse I felt I was stepping into one of those futuristic movie sets with a high-tech inter-galaxy space ship but the difference was this was real. This LNG carrier is one of the most modern with all the latest navigation systems linked to satellites, several high performance computers employed to assist the captain and his team to tackle even the roughest of seas.

A well maintained, clean and sophisticated ship the interiors looked like a five star hotel. We had lunch with the captain, food was great thanks to the chef for the hot and delicious seafood. We had a very interesting and informative chat with the captain and his crew, sharing their best and worst experiences offshore.

It is true that even to talk to a person you should know a bit of their subject, thanks to all those regular offshore projects we have been on (we’ve been there done that – were seasick and survived to tell the tales too). Our producer Mr George Jacob with four decades of experience involving varied industries and subjects, had a lot to share with the captain. It was a real treat for me especially when I am to embark on my own journey later this year to do my advanced underwater film making course in Thailand.

Needless to say that the project was a great success, as always the clients were extremely happy, we sure exceeded their expectations by inputting our valuable suggestions, going that extra mile looking into what they need rather than providing what they ask for. That is where MovieMedia is different from others, we not only provide ultimate media services we provide ultimate media solutions which will meet our client’s requirement, I think that is what makes us stand out from the crowed.

I am now just waiting and hoping for a project that will take us on the world’s biggest aircraft, I hope soon you will be reading another blog on that too one day.

-Arul the cameraman-

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