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Part 1 of 2: Strong winds and a deluge: Heavenly blessings for


News Update : ” Bad weather for the next few days “

Last Wednesday, we presented at the Hot Hoteliers networking evening at the Westin Hotel in Dubai.

We went early to set things up as we geared up for our first public presentation of

As the evening got underway we saw some clouds gathering in the sky.

We fervently hoped it would not rain as it was an open air event.

And I was ready to even do a rain dance to prevent the threatening downpour (as our ancestors say ‘do a rain dance to stop the rain’).

The only thing that stopped me was the presence of 200 guests at the venue!

The wind started picking up and soon it was like a charging bull.

Then I felt a few drops of water.

Concerned about our camera and computer equipment I was ready to cancel the presentation.

But George, our producer and MD, was in a battle mode and not willing to give up easily.

Then… we saw lightning streak across the sky.

It reminded me of my mom telling me that “Lightning strikes only once.”

So I consoled myself and braced myself to get on with it…

To be continued….


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