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Part 2 of 2: Strong winds and a deluge…


As the skies darkened and lightening lit the sky we started showing the introductory video .

I was on tenterhooks and kept praying that the rains would hold out until the video ended since it was an open air event at the Westin Hotel in Dubai. (

And it did. Whew!

But just as the Hot Hotelier team started to announce the winner of the raffle grand prize – which we at MovieMedia had sponsored – the heavens opened. Kabooomm…kawooosssshhhh…strong winds…then a deluge.

It was as if the rains had waited to shower blessings on the grand prize from us!

Some ran to the hotel… others just stayed braving the winds and the downpour.

Next thing we were all wet and smiling… smiling with relief that our presentation was not a wash out.

After the event I realized that if you have that single chance take it or

else the wind will just blow it away and the rain will just wash it away.

And I am once again reminded of what’s happening now.

The financial crisis.

Everybody is tightening their advertising and marketing budgets.

But I believe this is your chance… your chance to show your prospective clients that you are still in the game, that you will not sit down and wait till recession crushes you.

That you will survive.

This is your chance to look at the silver lining in the cloud.

As they say ‘the sun always comes out after heavy rains.’

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– Ody –

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