Passion with a broken knee…


I’ve heard many stories about how failure ends one’s future…
How injury or disability ends one’s dream…

But then there are those who face all challenges and overcome all obstacles with equanimity.

And I don’t have to go too far for an example.

Our Managing Director (George) cracked his knee-cap last year in October (slipped and fell during an outdoor shoot), underwent emergency surgery and we thought would be out of action for a long time.
Well, we thought wrong!
He was back at work within 20 days, against the doctor’s orders hobbling painfully around.
Wild horses, in this case a broken patella, could not keep him away from office.
His work at Moviemedia is his passion, and he has an equally enthusiastic team around him who feel likewise.

We all have our dreams … we all have stories… but this man alwaysreminds me to not only work hard for financial gain but to do what makes us happy and to do it with full commitment.

So if anyone ask’s me why Movie Media is different?
We have a team powered by passion and experience!
That makes us different!

– ody –

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