The first commandment of marketing


I have read and seen lots of marketing do’s and don’ts or even the 10 commandments of marketing but do you know what the greatest sin is for a marketer to commit?


Sometimes marketing people sell their product even if they don’t believe in it. Sometimes they don’t even know if it will benefit their clients.
TOP priority is to SELL and get the incentives from it. Of course you
are a great salesman or a marketing person if you have sold a product that
is not working… right? (I’ve heard of a person who sold a plot of land that you can
only see during low tide… it’s below water during high tide. Well!)

But that’s not it… 1st buys are not considered good sale… the 2nd, 3rd and so on are. If customers return and ask for the product again and again it’s a win-win solution for both.

If your product really works and you believe in it, then the product will sell itself to clients. As a marketer the benefits and advantages of a product are vital.

At Moviemedia we believe in telling our clients the truth….what we can do for them and what products or films would work for them. We will not accept and pursue a film if we know the client will not benefit from it.

We only show the films we made the clients we have and the standards we maintain. Check us out at

Honesty is the best selling tool that anyone can have and we have it here in Moviemedia.


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