Seven reasons why some corporate marketing videos fail

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Planning is the backbone of your whole video production. We have repeated this mantra over and over again (see previous articles) because pre-production planning is your road map to your final cut. However, there are other reasons why your video fails.
1. You don’t know what your message is. You may have fallen short of a great concept, your message is confusing and you failed to have a catchy call-to-action.
2. You are confused about whom your right target audience is and/or you do not address their needs or answer their questions.
3. Your budget is too small and your ambitions big. With new technology production costs have come down, but though you don’t have to spend millions unlike before, you still need to allot a realistic budget to produce a video that achieves your goals effectively.
4. You have hitched your cart to the wrong horse. Your in-house IT guys or web developers or your neighborhood photographers in a photo studio are NOT the right guys to deal with…if you want a professional, comprehensive and overall well –produced video which tells your story go to the professionals.
5. You may have “professional videographers” but you didn’t check their areas of expertise. If you want a heart surgery, you don’t go to a dentist – though he/she is a doctor too.
6. You wish to ‘direct’ your video. Leave it to the professionals, they have the experience. Would you tell a heart surgeon how to operate on you?
7. Ineffective use of the video – You don’t have a clear marketing plan on how you are going to use the video.
TIP: Producing a video is an investment that should promise ROI. If this is the other way around, you have to start with your SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) as soon as possible! Have a business goal in mind. It starts with what you want to achieve with your video. The message should be clear to the viewers.
If you need a corporate marketing video or HSE video or training video or product video or other kinds of business videos but don’t know how to go about it call us for information. Movie Media has helped countless clients over the past 22 years.
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