Value of Quality


Ever wonder why we often hear people ask which country the goods they are buying are made from?

Well they are trying to check if it has been manufactured in a country whose quality standards they believe they can trust.

When I was young (actually I still am..) my relatives from the US occasionally sent us some gifts such as shirts, bags, shoes and other stuff. We called them ‘imported’ since they came from the US. Once while I was inspecting one of the bags the stitches on its straps came undone. I said to myself, I think this is not class A or of a good quality. I checked where it was made and found myself in a state of shock. It was made near the place where I live!

It is human nature to want the best quality, we should use the same yardstick when we are seeking services from companies. If you are a company requiring a corporate or marketing video how would you go about selecting a production house to do the job for you?

There are plenty of video production companies but how do you decide who you can trust to deliver the quality you desire? You will surely look for professionals and not just amateurs who just point, shoot and edit.I am glad that I am with the company who knows what they are doing, who have studied film making, who are professionals, who are doing their job with passion and dedication.

So before you decide who will make your corporate or marketing videos, check them out, check their credentials, the people behind it, their clients and ask yourself if they are passionate enough to produce a good film for you.


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August 2020