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Video – your 2013 communications, marketing and business development power tool


Every company wants to stand out in a crowd, be a step ahead and lock-in those customers as quickly as possible in the most professional manner.

And perhaps for those who are already enjoying a niche market, the challenge is to retain the same clients to benefit from repeat business.

Or perhaps, for some companies, the challenge is neither retaining clients nor competing for new markets, the obstacle is communication within the company itself whether it is conveying new policies to staff or amongst stakeholders, a power tool is needed to convey the right message at the right time and in the right manner.

The power tool I’m talking about is “VIDEO”.  Today, business videos are used in many areas for different purposes ranging from business presentations, exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, seminars, pitches, pre-qualification sessions, tender submissions, product launches, training, induction, recruitment and so on where you work hard to get results!

So, in the coming year 2013, what are the actual benefits of having a professionally produced video; be it for in-house communication or for marketing and business development purposes?

Video enhances and validates a company’s professional image
Video can be downloaded and viewed at anytime and can reach a global audience real fast, cost effectively
Video offers an additional marketing message outlet
Video enhances customer experience
Video has an instant appeal to audiences
Video is a point of sale promotion at retail outlets
Video improves your search engine ranking thereby driving more traffic to your website
Video provides excellent product / project documentation
Video has multiple applications, it instructs and educates

If you would like to know more about how a video will enhance your 2013 company objectives, call us today.


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September 2020