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Online videos for small and medium enterprises (SMEs)


Just a few years ago, online video marketing strategies were only limited to top brands with huge marketing budgets. Small and medium sized businesses were unable to afford online marketing videos. Also the low speed internet technology and expensive video sharing platforms curtailed small brands online. Today things have changed. Online video sharing sites such as YouTube allow everybody to share their videos free of cost. Moreover, the latest video production technologies available in the industry make video production marketing one of the viable strategies even for small and medium sized enterprises.

We recently produced a video for a growing SME here in Dubai, UAE, “Panache International LLC”. The video designed to create brand awareness and develop market share in the local market and in the international arena has altered the way prospects perceive the company. At the click of a button Panache International has become visible to the world. This added visibility factor has in turn enhanced credibility and the results have been tremendous for them. The video has also been a great power tool for them at exhibitions, trade shows and one-to-one presentations.

Here’s a link for Panache video from our YouTube account.

With online video marketing you will be able to retain the attention of your customers for longer durations because the internet users are highly receptive to online videos. This will help you pass on even complex marketing ideas and concepts to your customers that may not be possible with any other medium. Online videos also help increase your online visibility, which improve your website’s traffic rate. Reports indicate that most viewers tend to click on the links embedded with the video. It will simultaneously also increase the number of inbound calls.

As an SME if you are wondering where to begin in order to get professionally produced videos, wonder no more – our team of dedicated professionals can take you through the process right from the inception stage through to the final production… script to screen, so to speak. Give me a call at (+971) 055 886 1378 or e-mail me at


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October 2020