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21 applications for Business Videos – part 3


Today, I will write about the remaining eleven applications of business video.  But for those who did not have a chance to read my previous 2 Blogs (part I and 2) here is a listing of ten applications.

Corporate marketing videos
Prestige videos
Training videos
Website landing page videos
Video Web Channel
Quality, health and safety videos (QHSE videos)
Product videos
Exhibition videos
Conference broadcast services – digital signage
Chairman/CEO messages

1.    Pitching videos
These are videos which validate a company’s claims about their expertise, experience and reputation and provide a powerful support in its bid for a project. The video is submitted with tender documents or during a tendering process to convince the owner of the project that yes, the bidding company is capable of undertaking the project and will deliver. Clients for whom we produced pitching videos have given us testimonials that they were actually awarded the projects as the videos made them stand out from their competition.

2.    Recruitment videos
Large corporates such as the Jumeirah Group here in Dubai, UAE use recruitment videos to enlighten new candidates how it is like to work for the group. They are also good for tapping in to new talents.

3.    Instructional (‘how to’) videos 
‘How to videos’ are meant to instruct viewers on how to use a product or service.

4.    The making of (behind the scenes) videos
These are videos produced to document work that is done out of the public view. Mostly when a corporate video is made the public gets to see the final edit, sometimes, we produce behind the scenes videos for companies such as in a team building event and later the same is shown to the employees as the event comes to an end.

5.    Documentaries
These are videos showing facts about a company, product, event or person.

6.    Project progress videos 
These are videos produced to record each milestone of a project. The management is able to assess the development of the project and the video clips can later be used for various purposes such as integration in a corporate video.

7.    Curtain raisers
These are videos made to increase the ‘buzz and fizz’ at events and serve as a brief introduction to the event/company/organizer.

Example: Fifth GPCA Supply Chain Conference 2013

8.    Panel discussions video
A TV-network styled discussion forum to bring experts attending an international conference or forum to one location where they share / discuss their expertise. A temporary video set is installed which includes multiple camera setups, lights, audio, background artwork, real-time online editing and upload to web channels. The temporary studio is normally set up at a venue closer to the event or at the event itself to efficiently manage time and resources.

9.    Live Streaming
Events are broadcast on the web as they happen and people from all over the world are able to follow what’s happening without being physically present at the event. Very effective for conferences and seminars.

10.    Fundraisers
Effort to solicit contributions from individuals or organizations by non-profit organizations for educational, medical, religious, political, charitable or other stated purposes.

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11.    Vox pops
These are random testimonials obtained from the public regarding a particular product or service. They are very useful in generating random feedback to manufacturers, service providers, retailers and so on.


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