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Corporate video greetings messages


Corporate video greetings are messages mainly given by top management executives for a specific purpose and season. The audience could be any of the company’s stakeholders or all of them at the same time. Most of the video greetings messages are produced for the special holiday seasons – New Year greetings or end of year messages and other national or internationally recognized holidays.

Videos being personal and fun are a perfect tool for conveying holiday greetings. It doesn’t have to be attached to a particular marketing message. The message should give a warm feeling to the viewer rather than persuasion. It could be a universal thanksgiving message to the people who have helped out along the way or a general wish to everybody for a great year ahead.

Here’s an example of a video greeting message from our managing director Mr. Jacob for the New Year.

Here’s another example that was produced for Business Network International (BNI) for the New Year.

This year, we are looking forward to producing corporate video greetings messages for large organizations, SME’s as well as entrepreneurs who feel they need to communicate their message with a unique approach that will appeal to their audience and be fun for them to watch. Early birds will receive an impressive discount for their New Year 2014
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