A drive to Ras Al Khaimah…


Dubai is one of the busiest places I have ever been to, so when George invited me to accompany him to Ras Al Khaimah for the inaugural function of the Kludi RAK manufacturing facility last month I quickly answered yes.

(Kludi RAK is the latest joint venture of RAK Ceramics and Kludi Group of Germany, manufacturers of top of the line bathroom and kitchen fittings including faucets, showers and other accessories).

It’s not only for a joy ride or just to escape Dubai’s polluted air, I wanted to go along with him because the marketing film we had made for Kludi RAK was going to be shown at the event attended by who’s who of UAE.

The film was outstanding… even if I saw the film being made in our studio it will always be different when you see it on a large screen.

The feeling is different… like some cool breeze touching your skin…

I met the entire Kludi RAK team and other visitors who were are all very happy and excited when they watched the film.

I believe the right word is they are PROUD of what they saw.

For us, as we went back to Dubai with smiles in our hearts, again we have proven that we can deliver what every company can be proud of.

In the case of RAK Ceramics, our very first client in the UAE, we have done this almost every year for the past 14 years.

In marketing, if clients come back it means we are in good in our business!


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