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Wonder how our video productions get those beautiful, steady, smooth lengthy shots… Steadicam!


The beauty of the Steadicam is in the eye of the beholder – virtually. The difference between shaky, juddering shots and smooth lengthy shots is the equipment the cameraman uses – whether he is a pro or an amateur. The Steadicam revolutionized shot taking and it has become a vital tool today in the film makers’ inventory. And we have it! It’s one of the most popular production tools we have in-house and a challenging one.

Our camera crew absolutely love this remarkable piece of engineering and design when they do moving shots.  They explain that while there are many ways of getting moving dynamic shots, the Steadicam gives them more flexibility and saves time.

Maybe because the Steadicam was invented and introduced to the film industry in 1976 by Garrett Brown a cameraman, it answers every cameraman’s dream.

Having the equipment is one thing, operating it is another. It needs a lot of practice. I remember when we first acquired it our producer and cameraman used to practise using it every day – and the results – excellent shots. The Steadicam has acquired a position of importance in our gear list and we use it as much as possible because it enhances production values immensely. It helps infuse energy and dynamism in otherwise static shots. It triggers feelings and evokes responses. That is what story telling is all about. Evoking feelings, be it a corporate marketing video or a multi-million dollar epic saga.

MovieMedia never loses sight of this ultimate objective – reaching out and touching the audience.


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