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Training videos: Why should a company here in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, India or elsewhere invest in training videos?


“The way you train your new employees is important in not only enabling them to do a good job, but also with their retention. Recent studies have shown that when a new hire is adequately trained in the beginning, they feel more confident in their job and therefore will stay with you longer,” Peggy Morrow, ‘Training for Success’

Training videos are exactly what the title says – videos made for the purpose of employee training.

Currently we are doing a series of training videos for a client. As I watched our producer, cameramen, models, presenters, editor and the whole team working very hard to come up with an outstanding training series for our client, I decided to delve a bit more than usual into the importance of having training videos. I must admit that this was the first time I was associating first hand on a script-to-screen journey with the team specifically for training videos.

It was  interesting and a bit puzzling for me for I could see the last shots being taken first, first shots being taken last… apparently non-connected shots being taken in between. I could see the benefits of a proper film school education and our producer’s years of experience from features to documentaries working the clock. The results were fascinating. What emerged in the editing room (again after days of work) was a proper, smooth flowing sequence with a proper beginning, middle and end!

Why should a company invest in training videos? I presented this question to a few to know their views and this is the feedback they gave me:

Cost saving: For a large company especially with branches in different locations, it can be tremendously expensive to either send experienced trainers to all of them, or pay for each individual to attend training courses. A training video can considerably reduce these costs, and make the training information immediately available to all members of staff.
It is reusable and portable: Training videos can be distributed in various formats once editing is done e.g. CDs, DVDs and the Internet. In fact the series we are producing will be part of an e-training project as well. It becomes very convenient for both trainers and trainees.
Time saving: With videos, one can simply learn more in less time and hence companies can spend less time in training sessions while employees can also get to view the videos at a convenient time because the retention power of content is quite exhaustive.
Video makes learning lively: Visual content is more compelling and participants will be more enthusiastic and willing to learn.
Tutor training moderation and effectiveness: All the trainers are able to reference to a set standard so there is no confusion or variations on the company’s training curriculum. Besides including videos to the on training program enhances the instructor’s effectiveness by using accurate, pre-recorded visual demonstration and explanation of proper techniques.
Employee retention: As I stated by quoting Peggy Morrow, “Training for success”, training videos used for induction purposes make new employees feel more confident in their role which in turn leads to an increase in performance… and the end result – they stay longer.

One of them summed it up for me, “If you are concerned about the cost of training, contemplate the cost of ignorance.”

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October 2020