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Speech autocue teleprompter success in Dubai, UAE


A few days ago, we had the opportunity to supply the podium autocue for a large private international event that was held in Jebel Ali, Dubai. Six top executives of the international firm were in Dubai for the one-day event and they all had to address the audience.

The speakers wanted a podium prompter to help them present their speeches without the stress of having to remember lines, keep looking at their notes or worrying about fumbling during the presentation. They wanted to speak ‘naturally and effortlessly’ and accurately.

We were approached by the event organizers who were a trifle nervous as they had never supplied autocues for events and were not familiar with the workings of it. More people are now asking for the podium prompters for use at public events.

We reassured them and explained how we go about setting up the podium autocue and how we even coach new users on how to take advantage of these highly effective public speaking aids.  They were happy to get a solution for the challenge. Their confidence was further boosted when their clients affirmed that what we have explained and shown them is what they were looking for and needed.

We had a rehearsal the day before the event which went well. Moviemedia crew was, as usual, at the venue before the call time, the technician waited patiently for the podium to be built up before he could set up the podium autocue and the operator loaded all the speeches promptly and professionally onto the podium autocue software. Changes for all the speeches were made on-site as required.

Next day, the day of the event, the executives walked up to the stage one after the other and addressed the audience in a very convincing fashion.

Naturally these speakers had unique requirements in their delivery style and pacing of their speeches. Speakers come in different heights (I am talking of people here!) and this was an important aspect our team meticulously took into consideration.  All these factors play an important part in setting up a podium prompter.  The event went off like clock work and all the speakers were happy that our operator worked the autocue to their utmost satisfaction.

These podium teleprompters are also referred to as a podium autocue, stage prompter and presidential prompter after President Obama was seen to use them on a regular basis.

Contact us today for your prompting needs in the Dubai, Abu Dhabi or anywhere in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  We can also travel to other countries should the need arise.

If it is your first time to deal with such a requirement, don’t worry, our team of experts will take you through the process efficiently and we believe you and the stakeholders of the event will be fully satisfied with the results.

Contact us on, +971 4 268 3873.

Moviemedia is a reputed supplier of the podium autocue and camera-mount teleprompter in Dubai, UAE.


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October 2020