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Recently we at MovieMedia produced a video invitation message for a client aimed at creatively informing people about a particular event. The event was a high value seminar at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. The client needed a new compelling way to invite potential clients to the seminar.

Our creative, design and production team came up with this impressive video.

The video invitation campaign was a success with our client closing 70 per cent of their target number within 72 hours of uploading the video to our YouTube channel – By that time, it had already crossed 200 views.

Our clients supplemented the video with a unique separate webpage on their website displaying the video and an online registration form with specific details that would help them identify who was registering for the event and their individual profile. The combination of both including a clear call to action at the end of the two and a half minutes video proved a solid success as they got 100 per cent registration by the date of the event.

This proves that video invitation is a great and powerful way to get a message out, validate and establish that the company is a progressive professional leader in its industry as well as generate quality sales leads. It easily piques interest in the topic and positions a company ahead of the competition while driving registrations to the event.

We at MovieMedia are specialists in video production; we will produce a video invitation that exceeds your expectations, and what more? We will help you distribute the video invitation online… contact us today to learn more., +971 4 2683873


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