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Still No Landing Page Video? A ‘MINI-VIDEO’ is your answer


What are mini-videos and why?

Mini-videos and website videos are an important part of online branding for a company.

We recently asked some of our prospects here in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, could they afford not to use videos in their marketing arsenal, websites in particular. We told them about the recent findings of Wharton School of Business National Research Results on the impact of video.

Wharton School’s research revealed that: “prospects are 72% more likely to purchase a product or service when video is used. Also, there is a 51% greater understanding of a subject or product through video.” Of course we always knew this (!), maybe not the percentage but the fact that video works better on the human mind to get a message across.

Many of our prospects want professionally produced videos but find budgets a stumbling block. So we came up with a solution – Mini-videos that are effective for websites and presentations.

A high impact video lasting around 120 seconds can still say a lot about your company and is a far better bet than just text and static picture based page. What’s more, a mini-video will also cost much lesser than a full-blown video lasting 5 or more minutes.

The question would be how much? We have decided to make it so affordable that we’d rather talk about it directly to genuinely interested parties. Give us a call. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Mini-videos will be produced with the same dedication and to standards MovieMedia is reputed for.


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October 2020