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Teleprompter hire service in Dubai, the UAE and GCC


Even the best public speaker can freeze in front of an audience. Or miss important points from their carefully crafted speech. That’s why most world leaders and experienced speakers rely on the teleprompter. We at Moviemedia know this from experience. We have seen confident, articulate clients turn speechless in front of a camera. Or simply they forget what comes next. This is why we offer the teleprompter hire service for such occasions and wow what a difference that makes!

A teleprompter helps create the illusion that a person is speaking spontaneously, when in fact the words have been carefully scripted before the presentation. It substitutes written text on a piece of paper as the speaker does not need to look down to consult written notes, he or she appears to have memorized the speech and will look directly into the camera lens.

Historians know Abraham Lincoln read from his notes for his Gettysburg Address because he used an envelope he wrote on (November 19, 1863). Today, President Barack Obama uses the teleprompter to deliver some of his speeches. Similarly, news anchors, senior executives, celebrities and political figures, all take advantage of this ‘speech saving’ tool. It can not only be used for doing ‘piece-to-camera’ as it is known in the trade, but comes in quite handy at all occasions when a suave presentation is called for.  Imagine the presentation of a financial report with no dithering of faltering!

For indoor use or outdoors, our autocue offers a clear and bright display for effortless reading and thereby effective presentations.

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August 2020